Privacy Policy, Respect for Confidentiality and Personal Data Protection


To guarantee Privacy, Respect for Confidentiality and Personal Data Protection of VISITORS on the Website (hereinafter, “THIS WEBSITE”) is a priority issue for SAVANT Pharm S.A. (“Savant”).

SAVANT Pharm S.A. hereby informs its Privacy Policy, Respect for Confidentiality and Personal Data Protection so that visitors freely and voluntarily express whether they wish to provide the personal data that may be required or that may be obtained at the time of access to and/or visit of some of website sectors. Certain sectors may contain specific conditions of access with specific provisions regarding personal protection. Read them carefully. If you proceed to complete the existing forms, it will be understood that you have read and accepted the current ones.

By using Website, you are accepting the Privacy Policy, Respect for Confidentiality and Personal Data Protection. If you do not accept it, please do not use or access the Website.

To access and/or use some of the sectors of the Website, such as the “Contact” sector, visitors must complete a registration or subscription form where they must provide certain personal data (hereinafter, “Personal Data”).


(i) Use of Personal Data

Personal Data collected by Savant through this website shall be recorded in an electronic file of personal data, the responsible and owner of which shall be Savant (the “File”).The recording of Personal Data in the File and its treatment has the sole and exclusive purpose of the keeping the relationship with the Visitors, the management, administration, provision, expansion and improvement of the Website, the adaptation of the same to the preferences and tastes of the visitors, the issue of new contents, the shipment, by any means, of technical, operational and commercial information about products and services offered by Savant and/or the Website and/or through the Website, currently and/or in the future. The purpose of the collection and processing of Personal Data may also include the sending of survey forms, the completion of which is optional for visitors.


(ii) Compliance with Personal Data Protection Law 25326

All visitors who proceed to complete any of the registration or subscription forms found in this website are guaranteed and may exercise their rights recognized under the Personal Data Protection Law 25326, in particular the rights of access, cancellation, updating, rectification and deletion, contacting Savant at the following mailing address: Ruta Nac. Nro. 19 KM. 204 – El Tío – Pcia. de Córdoba, CP:X2432ADI, stating your name and surname, identity document number, enquiry and mailing address and/or email address where you wish to be notified of the adopted decision.

Visitors guarantee and and are answerable for, in any case, the veracity, accuracy, validity and authenticity of the Personal Data provided by them, and undertake to keep them duly updated.

If you have any questions or requirements regarding this Privacy Policy, Respect for Confidentiality and Personal Data Protection, please write to the following email address:


(iii) Modification of Personal Data Protection Policy

From time to time, Savant may modify the terms of its Privacy Policy, Respect for Confidentiality and Personal Data Protection in order to include the treatment of new issues and/or reflect changes that may affect the processing of their Personal Data. Savant may introduce such changes as they occur, so that at all times visitors can access them and know what Personal Data is being collected, the purpose of such collection, the treatment to be applied and the possibility of revealing them or transfer them to third parties. If you continue to access and visit the Website after the implementation of any change in this Privacy Policy, Respect for Confidentiality and Personal Data Protection, it shall be understood that you have accepted such changes.


(iv) Personal Data Protection

Savant has adopted the highest level of security available to comply with this Privacy Policy, Respect for Confidentiality and Personal Data Protection, and it has applied all means and technical measures to prevent loss, misuse, alteration, unauthorized access and/or theft of Personal Data submitted by visitors when completing the related forms. However, it is stated that security measures on the Internet are not impregnable.

Savant states that it may disclose to the competent public authorities Personal Data and/or any other information under its power or accessible through its systems when required, in accordance to the applicable legal provisions and regulations.

Regarding those under 18, they can only use the Website under the supervision of their parents or guardians, the latter being the sole and exclusive responsible for the actions carried out by minors through the Website.


(v) Cookies

To provide a better and more personalized service to visitors, Savant may access some non-specific information about them that may consist of any information other than the Personal Data submitted when completing the related form. Such access shall be possible through the use of cookie technology and/or the tracking of IP addresses.

In order to improve the areas of interest of this website, this technology may compile information about the web pages visited, the opportunities in which the different sectors of this website are visited and the links established from it. Such non-specific information may be used by Savant and/or the operators of this website to understand how visitors access and use this website and the contents placed at their disposal. In this way, we will be able to know which website pages visitors prefer, which ones need to be improved and which technology is being used in order to permanently improve the quality of this website.

Your browser, like others, may be set to accept cookies. If this is the case, and you do not wish to provide Non-Specific Information, we recommend that you set your browser to reject cookies or to notify you when a Website attempts to send them. If you do this, please consider that some Internet sites, as well as some sectors of this Website, may not work properly.


(vi) Voluntary nature of the questions about Personal Data

Except indicated otherwise, the answers to the questions on Personal Data included in the registration form are voluntary, since they are necessary data for the registration. The lack of answer to such questions shall not imply a decrease in the quality of the contents of this Website, unless otherwise indicated.


(vii)  Competent jurisdiction and applicable law

Any interpretation and/or conflict related to all or part of this Privacy Policy, Respect for Confidentiality and Personal Data Protection, or about the compliance of the same by SAVANT, shall be settled by the Ordinary Courts of the City of Córdoba. Visitors shall waive to any other jurisdiction that could be competent, including the federal one. Likewise, for the above-mentioned purposes, the laws of Argentina shall be exclusively applicable, excluding any regulation of its international law system and/or any other regulation that refers to the application of any foreign law.


General Terms and Conditions

Savant Pharm S.A. (“Savant”) hereby requests you to read these General Terms and Conditions (hereinafter, “Terms and Conditions”) as soon as you access the website (hereinafter, the “WebSite”) and/or before you visit its pages and/or at the moment you proceed to complete any of the registration forms included in it.

The access and/or visit of the Web Site grants the status of visitor (hereinafter, the “Visitor” or the “Visitors” indistinctly) and expresses the full and unreserved adhesion to each and every one of the Terms and Conditions in the version published on this page, from the moment the Visitor accesses this Website. Consequently, these Terms and Conditions apply, without exception, to all Visitors to this Website from the moment they access any of the pages that comprise it.

If you do not fully accept these Terms and Conditions, Savant requests you not to proceed with the access and visit of this Website since. If you do so, it shall be understood that you have fully accepted these Terms and Conditions.

The Terms and Conditions may be modified in whole or in part only by Savant and such changes and implementations shall be valid as from the moment that they are published in or uploaded to this Website, or if they are notified to the Visitors by any means, whichever occurs first. Therefore, we suggest that, each time you decide to enter this Website, you visit these Terms and Conditions and check that they have not been modified. Violations of these Terms and Conditions shall entitle Savant to suspend or prevent Visitors who have made them, by action or omission, from accessing and/or visiting this Website.


1.-  The Website

This Website located at the URL: fully, uniquely and exclusively belongs to Savant and its purpose is to provide information related to its products and health care, exclusively addressed to medical professionals.

All the information included in the Website is presented in summary format and shall never be considered as complete or exhaustive on any of the topics covered. Consequently, it is not intended, nor should it be used, to replace a visit, call, consultation or medical advice.

All the contents, being understood by such, the texts -including all the reports, articles, data, comments, dissertations, exhibitions, notes and reproductions-, graphics, logos, icons, images, files of any type and software, among others, (hereinafter, the “Contents”) published on this Website may only be used as a source of information. Any other activity, including the reproduction, modification, assignment, public communication, distribution and/or disclosing, total or partial, without prior authorization by Savant is strictly forbidden by law. If you want to use material from this Website in a way other than that of accessing to content through the use of a web browser, you must request the related authorization from Savant sending a message to the following email address: Any unauthorized use shall be considered a violation to copyrights and intellectual property rights.

Savant reserves the right to unilaterally modify, at any time and without prior notice, the content, presentation and setting of the Website, as well as the conditions required for access and/or visit thereof.


2.- Conditions of Access and Visit

All of the information included in this Website is intended as information and/or general knowledge for Visitors regarding health care. In no case shall such information be considered professional medical advice by Savant and/or this Website and/or of those who eventually sign reports, articles, comments, dissertations, exhibitions, articles, etc. that are published on it.

It is expressly stated that neither Savant nor this Website, nor those who eventually sign reports, articles, comments, dissertations, exhibitions, articles, etc. published on this Website, carry out the offering of advice, neither of diagnosis nor of medical treatment, nor of the collaboration of medicine, nor of the exercise of the medicine as well as any other regulated activity by Law 17132, Regulatory Decree 6216 and concordant regulations, but it simply provides information about the company (Savant) and products manufactured by it.

The information that Visitors may obtain through this Website is merely informative and does not contemplate, nor intend to contemplate, all illnesses, symptoms, discomforts, physical or psychological conditions related to health. Visitors should not use the information contained in this Website to diagnose or perform the analysis, diagnosis or treatment of a disease or health problem without first consulting a qualified doctor. The information provided on this Website may never replace the advice, diagnosis, indication or professional advice of a qualified doctor. Please see your doctor if you have any questions or concerns regarding your condition and/or health condition. This Website does not offer advice for medical treatment or recommend any doctor for that purpose. Such requests, if made, shall not be answered.

Savant discourages self-medication in all its forms, as well as the self-management of health problems. Therefore, it always advises, in case of doubt, to consult a qualified doctor.


(i) Intellectual Property

All the Contents of the Web Site are the exclusive property of Savant and/or third parties who have transferred their copyrights and/or authorized its publishing and/or use in this Website and are protected by Intellectual Property laws. The improvements and/or modifications of the Contents published on this Website are the exclusive property of Savant .The Contents are offered for the information of Visitors, and shall be used for the purposes for which they were created and made available to you.


The publishing of Contents generated by third parties is and shall be duly attributed to those who claim to be their authors, those who shall be solely responsible for their content. The opinions expressed and/or the Contents generated by third parties on this Website are the sole responsibility of their authors and do not necessarily reflect Savant´s opinion.


(i) Free access to and visit of the Website

The information provided by Savant through the Web Site is free and does not require prior subscription or registration. However, the access to some sectors and/or certain benefits may require prior subscription or registration, and visitors shall be duly warned about this.


(iii) Conditions for subscription or registration

In order for a Visitor to be able to complete the existing forms on the Website, he/she must be a natural person and must be at least 18 years of age.

Please inform SAVANT as soon as possible to the following email address:, in any case where there are changes in the information provided at the time of registration.


3.- Under 18 years of age

The Web Site may contain information specifically addressed to individuals under 18 years of age. However, Savant does not allow the subscription or registration in this Website of individuals under that age. Savant recommends parents, guardians and/or individuals in charge of those under 18 years of age to supervise minors who access this Website and to actively and carefully participate in all the activities carried out by minors; the parents, guardians and/or individuals in charge of them being solely and exclusively answerable.


4.- Obligation to make a correct use of the Website

Visitors agree to use the Website in accordance with the law, with the provisions of these Terms and Conditions, the morals and generally accepted good customs and public order, and undertake to refrain from using the Website for illegal purposes or effects, contrary to the provisions of these terms and conditions, harmful to the rights and interests of third parties, or that in any way may damage, disable, overload or deteriorate the Website or prevent its normal visit by the visitors.

In the event that Visitors make illegal use, contrary to these Terms and Conditions and/or moral and good customs, they shall answer for damages caused and keep Savant harmless from all claims and/or actions of any kind.


5.- Denial to and withdrawal of access to the Website

Savant reserves the right to deny or withdraw access to the Website, at any time, without prior notice, on its own initiative or at the request of a third party, or at the request of a third party, to Visitors who fail to comply with these Terms and Conditions.


6.- Introduction to hyperlinks to access the web pages of this WEBSITE

The Visitor and, in general, those who intend to create a hyperlink between their web page and any of the web pages of this Website (hereinafter referred to as the “Hyperlink”) must meet the following conditions: (1) the Hyperlink shall only allow access to this Website, but it shall not reproduce its Contents; (2) Only Hyperlinks with respect to the main page of this Website shall be allowed, unless prior, express and written authorization by Savant; (3) no browser, frame or border environment shall be created on this Website web pages; (4) no false, inaccurate or incorrect statements or indications shall be made on the web pages of this Website and, in particular, it shall not be declared or implied that Savant has authorized the Hyperlink or has supervised or assumed, in any way, the Contents or services offered or made available to the web page in which the Hyperlink is created; (5) Except for those signs that are part of the same HIPERLINK, the web page where the HIPERLINK is created.


7.- Exclusion of Guarantees and Liability

(i) General Limitation of Liability

The Visitor is aware, and voluntarily accepts, that the access and visit to this Website, and of any of its sectors and Contents, takes place, in any case, under its sole and exclusive responsibility.

The information contained in the Website is merely informative about the company and the products manufactured by it, but under no circumstances constitutes an offer, medical advice, medical counselling, a suggestion, a diagnosis, or an application for the purchase, disposal, marketing or any transaction of any action or value of Savant. Furthermore, Savant opposes to and discourages self-medication and always recommends consulting a health professional.

Neither Savant, nor any person involved in the creation, production or publishing of the Website, or any Website connected to it, shall be liable in any way or to any extent for any type of damage, direct or indirect, mediate, immediate, consequential , etc., derived from access to the information contained in the Website.


(ii) Liability for damages

Savant is not liable for damages of any kind that may occur to Visitors due to access and/or visit to the Contents published on this Website or to another Website that contains Hyperlinks related to it.

Neither shall Savant be liable for the damages caused as a result of self-medication and/or consumption of products manufactured by it acquired by the single consultation of the Website and without prior consultation of a health professional.

SAVANT no garantiza la disponibilidad y/o continuidad del funcionamiento de EL WEB SITE. SAVANT. excluye cualquier responsabilidad por los daños y perjuicios de toda naturaleza que puedan deberse a la falta de disponibilidad o de continuidad del funcionamiento de EL WEB SITE y/o de alguno de sus CONTENIDOS.

The Visitor shall be liable for damages of any kind that Savant and/or The Website may suffer as a result of any of the obligations it is subject to, by accepting these Terms and Conditions. The Visitor agrees to indemnify and hold harmless Savant, and/or any of its dependents, licensors, suppliers and licensees, of and against all losses, expenses, damages and costs arising from any violation of applicable laws and regulations, and from these Terms and Conditions when such violation is carried out, by act or omission, by The Visitor or by any person accessing This Website using the account and/or technical devices belonging to The Visitor.

Savant shall not guarantee the availability and/or continuity of the Web Site performance. Savant shall exclude liability for damages of any kind that may be due to lack of availability or continuity of the Website and/or any of its Contents.

Savant shall not guarantee that the Web Site and/or its Contents are useful for any particular activity. SAVANT shall exclude all liability for damages of any nature that could be due to the fraud of the use that the Visitors may have made regarding the Web Site and / or any of its Contents.


(iii) Exclusion of guarantees and liability for the Contents

Savant shall not previously control and shall not guarantee the absence of viruses in the Contents or other elements that may cause alterations in the computer system (software and hardware) or in the electronic documents and files stored in the computer system of Visitors. Savant shall exclude all liability for damages of any kind that may be due to the presence of viruses or other harmful elements in the Contents of the Website.

Savant shall exclude all liability for damages and losses of any kind that could be due to the transmission, dissemination, storage, availability, reception, obtaining of or access to the Contents.


(iv) Exclusion of guarantees and responsibility for Services and Contents hosted outside the Website

The Web Site makes available for the Visitors technical linking devices (such as, among others, hyperlinks and banners), directories and search tools that allow access to Websites belonging to third parties (hereinafter, “Linked Web Sites”). The installation of these links, directories and search tools has the sole purpose of informing about the existence of other sources of information on the subject but under no circumstances shall it imply there is any kind of suggestion, invitation or recommendation to visit certain places or any kind of link or association between Savant and/or the Website and the operators of the Linked Web Sites.

Savant shall not previously control, approve or make its own services, information, data, files, products and/or any kind of existing material in the Linked Websites. Therefore, extreme prudence must be exercised in their valuation and use. Savant shall not guarantee or assume any type of liability for damages of any kind that may be due to (1) the performance, availability, accessibility or continuity of the Linked Websites; (2) the maintenance of the services, information, data, files, products and any kind of material existing in the linked websites; (3) the provision or transmission of services, information, data, files, products and any kind of material existing in the Linked Websites; (4) the quality, legality, reliability and use of the services, information, data, files, products and any kind of material existing in the Linked Websites.

Savant shall not be liable or answerable for any damages, whether current or potential, material or moral, direct or indirect, suffered by Visitors, derived from the relationship that they establish with third parties, the services of which have been published on this Website.


(v) Procedure in case of violation of intellectual property rights and/or copyrights.

In the event that the Visitors or a third party consider that any of the Contents have been uploaded to This Website in violation of their intellectual property rights, they must notify Savant at the following mailing address Ruta Nac. Nro. 19 KM. 204 – El Tío – Pcia. de Córdoba, CP:X2432ADI, including the following information: (1) personal data of the claimant; (2) true signature with the personal data of the owner of the intellectual property rights allegedly infringed; (3) accurate and complete indication of the Contents protected by the intellectual property rights allegedly infringed, as well as their location on This Website.


8.- Applicable Legislation and Jurisdiction

The Web Site is operated and controlled by Savant, domiciled at Ruta Nac. Nro. 19 KM. 204 – El Tío – Pcia. de Córdoba, CP:X2432ADI. Consequently, all these Terms and Conditions are governed by the legislation in force in Argentina. Savant and the Visitors, expressly waiving any other jurisdiction that may be applicable, are subject to the Ordinary National Courts and Tribunals of Capital Federal.