Our Philosophy

At Savant Pharm, we know that health is the most valued capital. Our commitment during the last 25 years has been to surpass ourselves, day after day, to provide medicines that allow enjoying an improved quality of life. With a production based on international standards and a Production Plant equipped with the highest technology ensures the quality of our medications.


Provide healthier, better lives through the prevention, relief and cure of illnesses, being a sustainable and international company that reaches future generations.

Cultural Values and Principle

Our products are born here

Production Plant


Based on the strict international standards we assure the excellence of our medicines.


We have a key industrial facility and infraestructure with the highest technology in the global pharmaceutical industry.


We take care of the environmental impact when developing our medicines.


millones usd invertidos en los últimos 5 años


proyectos llevados a cabo con la comunidad

Sustainable development

We actively participate in the construction of a more prosperous and sustainable environment.

ActivaRSE is a program that focuses on health and education by concentrating all the activities that allow us to fulfill the commentment assumed with our patients, community, collaborators, clients and suppliers, generating a triple impact in the economic, social and environemntal fields. We can see that reflected in our Sustainabiilty Reports.

Sustainability Reports

Environmental Policy

We are committed to sustainable development seeking economic growth with social responsability and evironmental balance

Energy consumption management

Energy consumption management

We have an integrated energy performance control system throughout the plant through instant measurement. The use of LED lighting in all productive areas — in addition to creating savings of 44% — provides excellent light-ergonomic comfort and efficient protection for photosensitive products, since the LED light does not emit in the ultraviolet wavelength.

Pack and thermoretractable films

Packaging and thermocontracting

We use heat shrinkable packaging, tight and fully enclosed, excellent presentation for its cleanliness, durability and product display. This optimizes the handling, stowage, palletizing and transportation of products. Shrinkable thermosetting polyethylene (PEHD or HDPE) films are also recyclable and degradable.

Waste management methodology

Waste management methodology

A treatment method is carried out according to whether they are Recyclable Waste without contaminants and Contaminant Waste.
In the latter case, both solid and liquid, present certificates and manifestos of final disposition with companies specialized in the treatment.

Corporate Government

Savant Pharm S.A. publishes its financial information quarterly, audited by E&Y, in the National Securities Commission (http://www.cnv.gov.ar/sitioWeb/Empresas).


The corporate governance is led by a Board of Directors (BOD) that guards and ensures compliance with the values and whose main function is to define the strategic guidelines, ensure compliance, as well as protect the legitimate interests of our interested parties in an appropriate and effective way.


The General Directorate leads, together with a team of managers, the implementation of the strategy, aligning the organization in compliance with it, included within a strong and unique Organizational Culture.

Ethics code

In order to serve as guidance for inquiries, receive and resolve complaints that may arise from a breach of current policies, we have formulated our Code of Ethics together with the Ethics Committee.
It is the guiding framework for key aspects of our development, expansion and link with our main stakeholders: collaborators, patients, clients, suppliers and community.

Additionally, we have the Line of Anonymous Complaints of Protection


Nos involucramos en el crecimiento de los países de la región, aportando nuestra experiencia y conocimiento en la prevención, tratamiento y cura de enfermedades.


Ambassador Business Center, Piso 17, Of. A.
Santa Cruz de la Sierra, Bolivia.
(+591) 75512505
Federico Svriz – Gerente General Regional
Ricardo Eguez – KAM


World Trade Center, Torre 3, Piso 18, Of. D.
Asunción, Paraguay.
(+595) 994 87-8010
Federico Svriz – Gerente General Regional
María Guadalupe Cabrera Bram – KAM


In order to expand the portfolio of brands and strengthen its product lines, SAVANT acquired recognized Laboratories and Brands.

Laboratorios Naf S.A. with more than 30 years in the market, leader in dental prevention with great prestige in the professional and academic field with recognized brands such as Fluorogel and Periobacter

Laboratorios Szama S.A. with dermatological specialties has a history of more than 70 years in skin care and brands recognized by health professionals, such as Cistina B6 Szama, Aminocrem, Silicol and Humiderm.

Our talent

Our talent

We consider our employees a key factor for growth and a fundamental pillar of SAVANT’s sustainability. We promote their development based on our distinctive values: Passion, Growth, Innovation and Performance.


We promote a work environment that permanently promotes the cultural principles that SAVANT is based on and off of which it bases each of its decisions: Attitude, Added Value, Permanent Improvement and Talent & Performance.


Female leadership

22% of collaborators work in leadership positions, a percentage that has been maintained in the last two years.


Between 30 and 50 years old

61% of our employees fall within the 30 – 50 year old age group.


Effective collaborators0%

Only 6% corresponds to personnel hired for specific tasks. This percentage has been maintained in recent years, demonstrating our commitment to the quality of employment and the employment relationship.

Special benefits for our collaborators

Flexible hours

Procedure according to the entry and exit bands


21 days of vacation from beginning of employment and special licenses

Special dates

Celebrations and gifts

Food service

Lunch and snack . Healthy breakfast on Friday.

Corporate car

General management and commercial management positions

Maternity room

Life insurance

OSDE Binaria that includes extra insurance as required by law, which includes 24 gross salaries. 100% contributors

Prepaid medicine

Specific agreements to access coverage: ``OMINT`` and ``OSDE``

Discounts and promotions

In shows, gastronomy and other industries

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